Julia Osen Averill


                                     Hair: Brown                                                 Voice: Soprano (E3-D6)                   
Eyes: Brown                                                 Height: 5’4”

NY Theater

  • A Year with Frog and Toad      Mouse, Bird, etc.          Atlantic Theatre Company, Jonathan Bernstein, NY, NY 
  • Mary & Elizabeth                Virgin Mary/Mary Stuart   Gallatin Arts Festival, NYU, NY
  • Occupational Hazards                Nurse                       Marcia Milgrom Dodge AMDA, NY
  • Cabaret for a Cause                Featured Soloist           Tiffany Schleigh, Heaven, NY, NY

Regional Theater
  • The Fantasticks                         Luisa                         Corvallis Community Theatre, OR
  • Oklahoma!                                Ado Annie                 Corvallis Theatre, OR
  • Twelfth Night                            Olivia                        Corvallis Theatre, OR
  • You Can’t Take it With You        Essie                         Crescent Valley Theatre, OR
  • Empty Side                               Featured           NYU, NY
  • NYU student short                    Featured          NYU,NY                      

Professional Training
  • The Living Studio                                               Erin Dilly
  • Kimberly Vaughn audition workshop                  Kimberly Vaughn, Actors Connection
  • Vocal/Acting coach                                            Haviland Stillwell
  • Vocal/music coach                                             Greg Brown
  • Making It on Broadway Summer '09 Intensive     Jodie Langel, Kim Steiner, Etc.
  • Bob Cline Musical Theatre Workshop                  Bob Cline, Actors Loft
  • Dance classes (Musical Theatre, ballet, hip-hop, tap)   Alvin Ailey, Steps on Broadway
  •   Voice class/Evening division                             Myra Vassian
The New School/American Musical and Dramatic Academy - B.F.A.
  •   Theatre Techniques in Drama Therapy        Randolph Mulder
  •   Musical Theatre                                           Tom Mills, Jeffrey Dunn, Mary Gutzi
  •   Acting                                                          Ray Virta, Serena Berne, Jim Bontempo
  •   Voice and Speech Production                       Robert Ramirez, Debra Ross-Sullivan
  •   Individual Voice                                           Kristi Kelly, Susan Benkin 
  •   Music Theory                                              Michael Brill
  •   Ballet                                                           Cynthia Thole
  •   Jazz                                                             Marina Benedict, Jill Gorie
  •   Tap                                                             Melissa Chait, Tracy Bonner
  •   Musical Theatre Dance                                Marina Benedict, Lindsay Chambers
  •   Film                                                            Colette DuVall, Theresa Dowellvest
Oregon State University
  •   Individual Voice                Richard Wagner, Tina Bull
Special Skills 
  • Unicycle, basic tumbling (cartwheels, somersaults, round-offs), rollerblading, cross-country skiing, basic horseback riding (western saddle), basic French, valid passport
  • Dialect: RP British

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